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Maxima Synthetic Shock Fluid Light 3WT- 946mL


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Full-synthetic, ester-based shock fluid designed to ensure maximum performance and provide maximum

protection under the most severe conditions. Shear stable, ultra-high viscosity index (>350) formulation

maintains film strength and reduces wear under extreme temperatures. Advanced additive system reduces

stiction and running friction, while minimizing foaming and air entrainment. Ultra clean formulation eliminates

corrosion, conditions seals and extends equipment life.


▪ Designed to the tight specifications required by racing professionals

▪ Advanced additive system reduces overall friction and decreases stiction

▪ Shear stable, ultra-high viscosity index formula maintains film strength and reduces wear

▪ Maintains optimal damping performance by minimizing foaming and air entrainment

▪ Keeps internals clean while eliminating corrosion and conditioning seals

▪ Low thermal expansion coefficient minimizes increased volume caused by extreme temperatures


For use in all off-road and on-road high performance shock applications.

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