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UFO Boy Ultralight 3,0 EVO Brynje Medium


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ULTRALIGHT Evo Bodyguard for kids, with STF (SAS TEC Foam) protections, totally made from airnet material


• ULTRALIGHT 3.0 Bodyguard for kids with STF (SAS-TEC Foam) protections

• Made with polyester net and Airnet material

• Internal protection in STF (SAS-TEC Foam) removable for washing

• Light as a feather

• Maximum breathability

• Increased elasticity to absorb shock

• Lateral protections for the spleen and liver

• Adjustable body belt

• Fast drying

SAS-TEC – safety made of foam

In contrast to conventional PU foams the viscoelastic PU foam of SAS-TEC is partly made of renewable materials. Its special features include spontaneous response, highest comfort and unique damping performance with excellent nearly linear energy absorption. A very special micro structure of the SAS-TEC foam is responsible for an adaptive damping behavior – the higher the speed of the impact, the higher the resistance of the foam. All these features guarantee the best possible protection for your body.


W.R.A.P. protection follows you into every situation, adapting to your body, always guaranteeing maximum comfort and the best protection. Thanks to innovative materials, strict quality controls, and many tests made by the sports world’s champions, your W.R.A.P. protection will always guarantee top performance!

The W.R.A.P. range of protectors include; knee pads, elbow pads, back protectors, and padded shorts.

These protections use the most innovative technologies and are made with special visco-elastic polyurethane foams, guaranteeing adaptive absorption and damping of impact energies with a spontaneous response and excellent energy absorption.

Each product is characterized by different materials; light, stretch, and breathable, which offer unique features such as greater ergonomics, ventilation and drying speed.


Do not dry clean. Only hand wash in cold water or delicate cycle in the washing machine.

Do not use the centrifuge.

Use delicate soap.

Do not bleach.

Do not wring. Air drying only.

Do not tumble dry.

Do not iron

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